It is said that the relationship between mother and daughter is not good. In fact, the marriage relationship is not good. You think about it, you are like signing a contract, you have to be tied up with this person for decades, how can you not get bored? So, marriage is the most difficult thing. Especially in this fast-moving, paper-drinking society, divorce is as simple as throwing clothes. Since you are walking together, you must get along well. Divorce is not a fashion, nor a glory. Remember that a happy marriage requires mutual understanding and mutual tolerance. Just like the “Love in Love” campaign, it is like pleasing, loving and loving. This means that a perfect marriage requires perfect love to make a foundation. No matter how many contradictions there are, just love him and give him a blessing. What do women have to do to be able to truly live with their men and marriages? Gentle and considerate is that no matter how hard you are in the workplace, you must be a gentle and considerate woman when you return home. Especially when men are frustrated, they hope to have a gentle and considerate woman to meet themselves. If you are not, he will go outside to find such a woman. Giving the face is the key man is a good face, no matter how only you two, how do you get along, outside, especially in front of his leader or friend, must “show weakness” at the right time, give him Keeping your face will not hurt his self-respect, and such a marriage can go a long way. With the soft focus just on marriage, the two will inevitably have contradictions. It is not terrible to encounter contradictions. The terrible thing is that the two have been tit-for-tat, no one is allowed, and the final result can only be disappointing. The correct way is that when there is a contradiction, it is not hard to be with men, but to be soft, just to make the contradictions intensify. It is the purpose of enjoying life. Although it is thought that people will have a long life, they will soon pass, and you will work hard to manage your own marriage. For what is it, not to make yourself comfortable. Therefore, in a marriage, when you are tired, stop to look at the scenery along the way, so that your mind will also settle down.