Speaking of the mysterious attraction between men and women, Monica, a psychologist at Webster University, pointed out: “Provocation is the innate nature of human beings. Teasing can help men and women to highlight their strengths to attract each other. You can test the feelings of both sides, and the second can also increase your attraction, so as to catch the other’s heart, so that you have the opportunity to open the prelude to love.” “Provocation itself is a kind of behavior that can cause pleasure, because people will Because they have charm and happiness, and because women are inherently more sensitive than men, they are generally given a teasing signal by the woman and control the rhythm of the whole teasing action. The man is usually on the passive side.” This teasing The process is called “discharge”, “there is a feeling of electric shock”, “calling” means that there is a feeling. Perhaps many women believe that beautiful women are often full of power and attractive to men. In fact, although the appearance has a very important position in attracting the opposite sex, there are other ways to enhance its appeal: Choosing the right environment bar, coffee shop, dance hall and other public places is a good occasion to meet the opposite sex. The dim light on the floor makes the contours of the face look better, the soft music helps create a romantic atmosphere, and the strong music makes the attitude more open and welcoming. Diligent “discharge” Knowing that the “signal” is issued, both men and women will be more popular. Experiments have shown that in the case of women, for example, 35 “courtship signals” are issued within one hour, which can attract the attention of four men on average. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that when the signal is issued, it is not uniform, and the method of continuous conversion is required. Xiao Bian recommended: Netizens recommend you to love the secrets of love and love. The fast secondary climax of the sex posture highlights the clothing and dressing ladies should be slightly powdered, making them more conspicuous in the crowd, men may wish to use a suit, or mature Steady clothing to show your social status. Appropriate eye contact is a very important part of the “discharge” process. It is best to maintain eye contact for a second or two. Because the time is too long, it will make you feel uncomfortable, but it is too short and easy. Neglected. If you want to refuse to welcome your eyes, you can best take pictures of others. Proper dialogue can try to open each other’s words with a more humorous sentence. The content of the conversation can touch your own academic qualifications or simple background, so that they can seek common ground with each other and increase mutual intimacy. Guess what you like: a woman’s infatuated sex skills, a woman’s erosive sex, more content, please pay attention to the gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn