Sex will not be perfect for the second time. If you want to enjoy the happiness of ecstasy, you must be proactive. The happiness of the lower body cannot be separated from the support and help of the upper body. Good sex can actually be induced. Men in the relationship between the two sexes have three “weapons”. Using them well can guide women to spend time with you. The first weapon: the mouth. In the relationship between the two sexes, the power of language is very large. Therefore, men should say more good words, and women can listen to them. The mouth is also responsible for kissing, giving the other side a different form of kiss, kissing the forehead, French kiss… Using the first weapon is a good start. The second weapon: the hand. Some people say that when they shake hands with 10 friends, they catch a big cup of happiness. It can be seen that the hand can promote emotional communication and express love. In the relationship between men and women, men often caress women. When she has the feeling of being appreciated, being caressed, and being cared for, sex is naturally more active and enthusiastic. The third weapon: the penis. When the mouth is up and the hand is up, the adult male who is physically and mentally healthy will generally reach a full erection, and then begin a deeper level of contact. If you can’t achieve good hardness when you are erect, affecting sex, you should consult a regular hospital. In addition, men are advised to exercise for one hour a day to enhance penile erection through exercise such as running. In terms of sexual induction, women also have three “magic weapons”. First, put on sexy underwear. In the sex life, the man may have some unspeakable desires or small demands, which requires the two sides to communicate and cooperate with each other. For example, some men like to light up the lights when they are making love, while others like uniforms or sexy underwear. After learning this, women can try to satisfy his fantasy. Second, creative love atmosphere. The atmosphere of sex space is especially important for the quality of sexual life. Women can often arrange the bedroom to make it full of love. For example, a few candles, aroma, and the color of the lights, these mysterious colors create a mysterious color that can motivate men. Third, actively change the posture. In traditional concepts, women always play a passive role in sexual life. In fact, sex is the interaction between the two sides, and women should learn relevant knowledge and make themselves more active. For example, take the initiative to try a new sex posture, which will make your partner shine.