Although you are fascinated by her, I can’t wait to pull her to bed tonight, but we still have to pour cold water on you. The man who estrus is like a microwave oven. It can be done in minutes with a few buttons, but the woman is like a slow work. It takes a whole day for the chef to preheat, and then it takes a small fire to simmer, and finally the true love can be found. Pre-heat love to be intimate and close to the body 1. Send her a pair of sexy underwear If you think that ordinary underwear is too old, then choose sexy underwear. Find a time when you don’t want to have sex, such as when you are eating at a restaurant, handing her under the table and letting her go to the bathroom. It seems to be exaggerated, but her door of lust is being opened a little bit. Of course, this trick is definitely not recommended for use on the first date. 2. One of the seemingly mediocre practices of putting her photos in a wallet is to hide a photo of her in your wallet. The move is good, but it has benefited a lot. Women naturally like to look around for things. When she is not good or accidentally glimpsed, it is undoubtedly a dark joy for her. 3. Tell her the reason why you love her. “I love you” is nothing more than a mouth and a piece, everyone will say, but it is more difficult for a man in love to explain what love is. Maybe it’s the way she bites the chocolate, or the fluffy look of her nose when she drinks the spirits. The more unique the explanation you give her, the more she feels special. 4. Helping her to apply her lips to help a woman retouch is actually a reverse behavior. She feels that being embellished and getting service will also make her feel that some part of her body is attracting you. Other methods: help her shave her feet, apply nail polish, and wash her hair. According to a survey, 76% of men who live with sex have had their hair washed for their partner. Warming up and falling in love with her soul will also fall in love with her body. 5. Kiss her joints. Even though you already know where to kiss, you are now paying attention: her knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, neck, hips. . I don’t have to caress for a long time, but these parts are very sensitive, and she will be hot after a few rounds. 6. When using the static brake to do the foreplay, tell her that you will not attack another place on her, knowing that she tells you her needs. This method is effective in responding to the body and mind. Encourage her to relax her nerves. Every subtle feeling in the sexual process, the unity of body and mind, can clearly distinguish the real needs. Then as the protagonist, you will appear in the place she mentioned. 7. Help her massage this is a commonplace, it seems that everyone will, but here to emphasize an interesting method: roll a canned cold drink along her thigh, then use a microwave to heat a wet towel to help her Do a massage. Or have some juice on her belly, Get rid of it slowly… 8. Keep it clean The following is a master bathroom sex game. Fill the bathtub with hot water and bubbles, then apply the bubbles to your abdomen, chest and thighs, let her lie on you, rubbing your body like a bath brush. Boiling makes us “do” better. 9. Cover your eyes Many women lack security for the missionary position because you can’t see her body. But if you blindfold, they are actually willing to do more for you. 10. Request permission to ask if she can do before entering her. She would feel that it was so cute, that they felt that they were respected and thus more secure, and thus relaxed in the process of sex. When she first entered, kissing her mouth and face, the act showed her attention to her individual, not just an organ. 11. Try fresh on the cupboard is always the best aphrodisiac. Any special environment, special feelings and smells will make sex fresh. A closed place adds a sense of urgency, allowing people to quickly resolve the feeling of fighting. 12. Change her pelvis by 25 degrees from another angle, so that the largest area of ​​your body can touch her clitoris. This special pose can excite women and reduce foreplay. There are special mats that are currently sold, which will allow you to maintain this angle. It is said that 27 degrees is also very good.