With the rapid development of medicine, many men and women in today’s society go to the health clinic to do some health check before marriage. The main one is to check the genetic diseases and the health of the reproductive organs. What specific content is included? Let’s take a look at it by Xiaobian. 1 Ask about the past health status of health history, what kind of diseases and treatments have been suffered, whether there are genetic diseases and infectious diseases. 2 Inquire about the health status of family history and collateral relatives. Whether there is a close relative blood relationship between spouses, generally traces three generations, focusing on genetic diseases, genetic defects and deformities. 3 Inquiring about the menstrual history of the woman and the history of the male spermatorrhea Menstruation can reflect the health status of the female reproductive system and the endocrine system, and is also an important basis for the diagnosis of gynecological diseases, and the history of menstruation and spermatorrhea are closely related to the sexual life and fertility after marriage. 4 comprehensive examination of the body including general examination of the general body and genital examination of the general examination of the body, including developmental status, whether there is deformity, heart, lung, kidney, liver and other important organs of the functional status. Reproductive organ tests, including the development of the reproductive organs, are consistent with age, with or without deformities and diseases. Women generally only need an anal examination, not a vaginal examination. If necessary, a vaginal examination can be performed with the consent of the person and the family. 5 Auxiliary examination In addition to checking blood, urine routine and liver function and chest fluoroscopy, the woman also checks the r leucorrhea. When necessary, the man should perform chromosome examination and semen examination. 6 Post-marital life guidance includes sexual physiology knowledge, sexual health promotion, introduction and selection of contraceptive methods, and birth planning arrangements. After detailed introduction of the above contents, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the checks that must be done before the couple’s marriage. Men and women can reduce the birth rate of the disease through this series of examinations, thus ensuring the health of the body and letting the partners marry each other. After the life is more happy and happy.