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Yi Qianqian was rumored by the “carnival” attack studio to plead guilty to defending rights

March 20, 2019 at 2:19 am | 精品国产 | AINIOV -

On July 2nd, there have been insulting comments on the Internet about “Easy and Thousand Years of Depression”. On the evening of the 1st, Yi Qian’s studio issued a statement saying that it was not true to Yi Qian’s family and his family. Friends have caused great troubles. “We must take legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Yi Qian. The studio said that it will entrust a lawyer to carry out further legal rights protection and accountability. In the solemn statement issued by the studio, the relevant online users have violated the law by inciting and insulting read more

“Dish Temple Field CP” intimate interaction Shen Yue shouts new version of Suicai not green tea

at 2:16 am | 精品国产 | AINIOV -

On July 5th, the TV series “Meteor Garden” held a broadcasting conference in Beijing, starring Shen Yue, Wang Hejun, Guan Hong, Liang Jingkang, Wu Xize, Sun Yihan, Li Jiaqi, Wang Runze, Dong Xin and so on. Even more, Dai Penny surprises to sing the classic song “Love You Want” and staged a memory kill. On the spot, Shen Yue said that the big s thinks that the cedar “green tea” said that it is okay for this version of the cedar. “I don’t think there is such a ‘green tea.” Shen Yue: My version of cedar does not “green tea” read more

The king has a joy! Wang Zulan excitedly announced his wife’s pregnancy

at 2:13 am | 精品国产 | AINIOV -

On July 13, 2018, Wang Zulan issued a message on Weibo saying: “There is a joy in the Wang family.” It is accompanied by a festive picture of a child. Then Wang Zulan’s wife Li Ya-nan forwarded and wrote: “Today is the 9th anniversary of our shooting, very excited. On this special day, I announced that I and Zu Lan will welcome a small life, so blessed to have a new life in our Family Happy 9th anniversary !” is accompanied by a picture showing the pregnancy that is pregnant. It is reported that on November 19, 2014, Wang Zulan proposed to Li Ya-nan and the two read more

Zhao Wei’s rare sun-red lips in this self-portrait of the man’s accidental appearance

at 1:56 am | 精品国产 | AINIOV -

Zhao Wei, on the morning of July 23, Zhao Wei released a new dynamic photo. In the photo, Zhao Wei completely dissipated the familiar “ball head” into a broken hair. She wore sunglasses and was very cool, and a red lips was very eye-catching. After the “Red Lips” self-portrait appeared, the fans were very excited and said “love is dead.” However, some fans have discovered a small detail. In the reflection of the sunglasses, they are surprised to see the old partner of the sister, Chen Kun! In fact, this is just a poster in the mall, but this also evokes the memories read more

Yi Qian Qian Zhou Zhou Yuyu cooperation “You are the boy” two personality style poster exposure

at 1:43 am | 精品国产 | AINIOV -

Yi Qianqian had some people broke the news earlier, and Yi Jiu will appear in the film “Youth of the Boys” directed by Zeng Guoxiang. The film was produced by the original production team of “July and Ansheng”. This morning, the “Youth of You” official blog finally changed the avatar and background picture after a long silence, and released the first message “arranged.” Although there are only four words, it caused a commotion of fans, and more It was a strong search after a few hours. Screenshots This afternoon, “You of the Teenagers” read more


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