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Zou Shiming was stunned after being cheated

March 22, 2019 at 1:13 am | 最新青娱乐 | AINIOV -

Star network information, yesterday, Zou Shiming just finished the 38-year-old birthday, did not expect today’s family and employees secretly planned a birthday, gave Zou Shiming a big surprise, Zou Shiming half drunk half-awake wrote A large section of the confession of family and employees, netizens: moved by the real feelings of the text. This article comes from the star network www.mingxing.com, please indicate the source!

Naza eats hot pot late at night, hates hate, smiles at the camera, smiles, and is full of cuteness.

at 1:12 am | 最新青娱乐 | AINIOV -

Star network information, on the evening of May 23, Naza uploaded a video of eating hot pot through Weibo, and said: “I just came to eat hot pot when I finished work!” In the video, Naza was sitting in front of the big table in the restaurant, enjoying the big mouth. Hot pot, not forgetting to sell sweet smiles to the camera, the food on the table is very attractive, and it is poisoning late at night. Netizens were attracted by this tempting food, and they all said: “Small spicy sizzling and hot pot can not be separated, but this wave of poisoning late at night, looking hungry.” read more

Ma Sichun turned “I am a big detective” into a “I am a big Chinese doctor” scene

at 1:09 am | 最新青娱乐 | AINIOV -

The large-scale situational puzzle interactive reasoning program “I am a big detective” jointly sponsored by stars such as He Wei, Ma Sichun, Wu Lei, Deng Lun, Da Zhangwei, Huang Lei and other stars, “I am a big detective” broadcast on the night of “Bilanbula City” (below) “, everyone explores mysterious aliens again, high-energy reasoning over the weekend, successfully reelected for ten consecutive championships! This time, Ma Sichun was the first detective, the horse detective appeared in a printed long skirt, gentle and generous, red lips charming, read more

The new Chinese medicine theme urban drama “Jinyi Wushuang” project officially launched

at 1:08 am | 最新青娱乐 | AINIOV -

A TV series reflecting the quintessence of Chinese medicine is about to start. This is the information obtained by the reporter on May 30 from the establishment of the “Jinyi Wushuang” project fund sponsored by Zhejiang Fahrenheit Film Co., Ltd. and the media promotion meeting of “Jinyi Wushuang”. “Jinyi Wushuang” will focus on the theme of “Promoting the spirit of the national quintessence and promoting Chinese medicine culture”, integrating elements such as fantasy, city and love, truly showing the profound and profound civilization of Chinese read more


March 10, 2019 at 3:33 pm | 最新青娱乐 | AINIOV -




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  综合,体内发生少量内啡肽,婚前孕前性卫生能切断疼痛信号,临时止痛; read more